Guidami Eshu – Live at Sound Design

Francesco Renna - Guidami Eshu - Front cover


Guidami Eshu – Live at Sound Design is Francesco Renna’s second studio album, released on July 22nd 2013 by Blue Garret. The project was live recorded in the same studio where Renna made his first album Appunti dal blu on June 13rd 2013 by Marco Ruggiero. The band was composed of Francesco Renna on vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica, Antonio Iandolo on acoustic guitar, Diego Iannaccone on fretless bass and Ciro Punzo on drums. The result is an unplugged live album in which Renna tells his passion for Blues music in a personal way. The last track is an interview conducted by Francesca Mignosa and Tony Marotta on WRUW FM 91.1 in Ohio, US. The title track of the album is dedicated to the story of Robert Johnson and was rearranged by Renna in 2015. The album was mainly promoted in Australia between 2013 and 2014.